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The Pizzaiolo Sanctuary: The 'Echo' pizza, and how it got it's name

Echo. The vegetarian one. Mozzarella, Provolone, Spinach, Mushroom, onion chutney, olive oil, tomato sauce

The South West is surrounded on all sides by beautiful, often quiet beaches. It was our love of travel and beach life that inspired us to name our pizzas after beaches we had visited around the World.

Echo beach, Bali, Indonesia, was the inspiration for our very popular vegetarian pizza.

I visited Bali back in 2005, and on a beautiful paradise island, this was the place I remembered as being truely magnificent.

Echo Beach, not too far from the madness of Kuta and the main tourist beaches was a place of intensely powerful surf, black volcanic sand warm breezes and serenity. The power of the Ocean could be felt from the shore there and friends and family I recommended to visit afterwards noted the same sense of awe.

A magical corner of a beautiful Planet. Echo beach; warm, lush, revitalizing and nourishment for the soul, heartily recommended to visit, and now, inspiration for one of our pizzas!

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