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Ramblings on belly rumblings.....

There is much information, anecdotal and scientific, out there on the benefits of eating together, in groups, whether with family, friends, partners or even in the company of strangers. It appears to be both psychologically more valuable to the individual, and more rewarding to the person cooking the food if the experience is shared.

Both Jonathan and I love to cook for you guys, and we have taken great pleasure from the positive feedback we regularly receive from our customers. We have been fortunate to have already attended some great events this spring down here in the deep south west, from street food events in Dorchester, to festivals both in the city of Plymouth and on the banks of a local castle, campsites in Devon and Cornwall and gigs in local gems hidden in the Dartmoor hills.

Regardless of the occasion, the coming together of friends and family to eat our food, chat to us and generally make us feel appreciated for our efforts make us very proud to have served you. If you haven't yet eaten one of our pizzas, don't worry, there are plenty more opportunities to do so, we look forward to meeting you, sharing stories and cooking for you.

See you outside for some......

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