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Ramblings on Belly Rumblings......

Progress ain't a process to protest, ya heard?

It was said in the Tao Te Ching:-

'products that are hard to get

Impede their owners movements.

Therefore the Sage

Considers the belly not the eye.'

Lao Tzu, 300BC. Tao Te Ching, Chapter 12.

Wise words indeed Lao my man, seems to me Lao was a fan of pizza, almost definitely so.

Mobile pizza delivered to your locality, your neighbour hood, by us, the Worldpizza boys seems to flow nicely along with the mystical Tao in this instance, wouldn't you say?

Yeah, probably not, but if he ever needed to break from explaining the Yin and Yang of the Universal chaotic pulse of nature, a slice of pizza would have been high on his list of must try foods.

Many fundamental elements make a great pizza, the ingredients, are crucial, the fresher the better, for taste and health benefits.

The rising of the Sourdough, requires patience and nurturing to create a thin crust perfect tasting (never perfect shaped, we shape by hand with passion and love, not mechanics).

The heat of the oven to cook it quick. This is true fast food served on the streets, as it always has been. Go anywhere, the street food is where the culture of the location can be experienced, actually tasted on your tongue.

In our case to add the element of adventure and maintain excitement, we travel to you, so you can feel and taste our pizza, so we can meet outside for some! To do this, we roll out in Agnes our Vdub, dependable and hard working she's a doll.

More important than all these elements, all crucial in their own right, is the philosophy, the idea, the creative force that we harness and listen to, call it what you like, Mojo, Tao, Spirit, doesn't matter, it's our passion for our pizza, our passion to make people happy through sharing food that gets the Worldpizza boys stoked!

We, the Worldpizza boys experienced the World, saw with our eyes, then listened to ourselves, and these two dumbass Sages decided, hmm.... yeah the answer to the Universes conundrums Come try some, prove me wrong :)

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