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Pizzaiolo Sanctuary; Our Inspiration for doing this!

Matt on Hideaway Bay Beach, QLD, AUS, passing through....

Jonathan and myself have been fortunate to travel and work in beautiful locations across the World. We regard ourselves as blessed to now combine our love of pizza, travel and adventure and make it our daily working life.

Trust us, it doesn't feel like graft this, creating Worldpizza feels liberating, a chance to go joyously into the World and participate. We highly recommend it!

Go do it for yourself, earn your own right to succeed, enterprise, become entrepreneurs going about your daily business :)

Make pizza, have fun, meet new friends build working relationships, whats not to love, right?

Mentioning love; as a pair of surfing, diving, Ocean loving men we gotta mention how content we are to be operating in the beautiful South-West of England, Gods country, no doubt! We have named our pizzas after some of our favourite beaches both Worldwide and closer to home here and in Devon and Cornwall, as we develop our menu we will continue to take inspiration from the environment, and also our friends and influences. Come up with a great pizza, and we'll name it after you!

Find us out on the streets, we'll gladly cook for you, have a natter and wish you well on your way, just look out for Agnes, we'll take care of the rest....peace x

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