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Ramblings on belly rumblings....welcome to the pizzaiolo sanctuary blog.

Welcome to the blog of Worldpizza, let's get down to it, right away, let's talk pizza, philosophy for 2017 and music. If we float those topics, we got a well made vessel to get chatting.

Isn't that what sharing food is all about, a chance to eat, meet, feel good and learn about one another? Well, at least here at the gaff, that's what it's all about, and that is the guiding reason for getting involved in the street food scene over here in Plymouth, Devon.

Jonathan and I are straightforward fella's, we want to make you happy, one slice of delicious pizza at a time.

So right from the start we aim to provide a beautiful experience to make chow time a rad time. We start with 'Agnes', our van. She may be a 'brick', but she's a beaut!

Bought in St Agnes, Cornwall, from the guys over at the, award winning pizzaiolo's and wise early guides on the Worldpizza journey, full of sage advice, and that mellow vibe you associate with the Kernow folk...

Now wrapped by, and branded by and by Nick at, Agnes is ready to roll...well...nearly...Pip from is replacing the alternator, but she'll be good real soon, so a big thankyou to all the people helping us create beautiful pizza for you, out on the streets of the South West soon......Born in Plymouth..Worldpizza..street food project...venue for musicians...debating love...'Agnes' x

Wanna talk pizza with us, philosophy, chat music, surf with us, hang out, come trail running, book us for your event, gig, festival, feel free, get in touch, the more the merrier eh ;)

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