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Environmental Sustainability

We promise to operate our vehicles as carbon neutral from our incorporation in 2016.

We promise to balance our vehicles annual carbon usage via pre-tax profit investment in UK and Worldwide carbon offsetting projects.

We promise that our vehicles become carbon positive by the end of the Financial Year, 2021. We intend to do this by offsetting double our annual vehicles milage total each year.

We promise to share and evidence our carbon offsetting on our website and via social media to encourage other small businesses and customers to do the same.

Screenshot 2022-04-05 at 17.14.45.png

We promise to retroactively offset our vehicles carbon usage for the inital three years of business (2016-2019) by the end of the financial year, 2021.

We want you to feel good about your decision to purchase our goods and services, and for you to know we take our environmental responsibilites seriously.

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