Broaden your bean.

Ernest Hemingway once said: "Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up." I am no exception to the travelling broadening the mind rule, travelling broadened my mind with most aspects of life. Travelling wasn't just a mental exercise for me, it was a privilege. I met lots of people on my travels who would love to have the opportunity I did. So I decided to embrace every chance I got. Food was no different... as a child I was a fussy eater, the typical wouldn't even try anything I didn't like the look of type child. Travelling changed all that, from the pap and meat dishes of northern Namibia to the BBQ dishes of southern USA, my tastebuds were introdu

Ramblings on belly rumblings: Where Worldpizza came from.....

#Innovationateverylevel and #visionandspirit, two hashtags we lock into. It's important. Once the creative flow grows and develops we roll with it, the Worldpizza boys are YES men! If we like the idea, if we hear your opportunity, we say YES! Staying open to all the World has to offer means we stay live, fused, ready to roll, ready to make dough bro :) The influence of skating as youths, Hip Hop, travel, the Ocean, mashed up cultural learnings created and sought in far off places, and in our towns we grew up in were the influences for Worldpizza. So, it only makes sense we then re-imagine those influences and develop them into elements of what we'll see our love of skating in our A-

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