Ramblings on Belly Rumblings......

Progress ain't a process to protest, ya heard? It was said in the Tao Te Ching:- 'products that are hard to get Impede their owners movements. Therefore the Sage Considers the belly not the eye.' Lao Tzu, 300BC. Tao Te Ching, Chapter 12. Wise words indeed Lao my man, seems to me Lao was a fan of pizza, almost definitely so. Mobile pizza delivered to your locality, your neighbour hood, by us, the Worldpizza boys seems to flow nicely along with the mystical Tao in this instance, wouldn't you say? Yeah, probably not, but if he ever needed to break from explaining the Yin and Yang of the Universal chaotic pulse of nature, a slice of pizza would have been high on his list of must try foods. Many

Pizzaiolo Sanctuary; Our Inspiration for doing this!

Jonathan and myself have been fortunate to travel and work in beautiful locations across the World. We regard ourselves as blessed to now combine our love of pizza, travel and adventure and make it our daily working life. Trust us, it doesn't feel like graft this, creating Worldpizza feels liberating, a chance to go joyously into the World and participate. We highly recommend it! Go do it for yourself, earn your own right to succeed, enterprise, become entrepreneurs going about your daily business :) Make pizza, have fun, meet new friends build working relationships, whats not to love, right? Mentioning love; as a pair of surfing, diving, Ocean loving men we gotta mention how content we ar

Ramblings on belly rumblings....welcome to the pizzaiolo sanctuary blog.

Welcome to the blog of Worldpizza, let's get down to it, right away, let's talk pizza, philosophy for 2017 and music. If we float those topics, we got a well made vessel to get chatting. Isn't that what sharing food is all about, a chance to eat, meet, feel good and learn about one another? Well, at least here at the gaff, that's what it's all about, and that is the guiding reason for getting involved in the street food scene over here in Plymouth, Devon. Jonathan and I are straightforward fella's, we want to make you happy, one slice of delicious pizza at a time. So right from the start we aim to provide a beautiful experience to make chow time a rad time. We start with 'Agnes', our van. Sh

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