Like all great ideas, World Pizza Ltd started as a discussion between friends in a pub. Restless for adventure, Jonathan and Matt decided to combine their skills and knowledge and develop for you something wonderful.


Gourmet, hand stretched thin-crust pizza, a delicious treat to make you feel happy.


The boys were passionate about the ingredients for their pizza. They recognized that fresh, local, seasonal fare creates the best pizza. So to ensure that, they decided to collaborate with a local friend and small holder to grow their own herbs, vegetables and pigs in a secret location on the wooded hills of south Dartmoor. This will ensure their own farm to fork freshness on some of their produce from the summer of 2017.

The boys wanted to combine their love of travel, pizza and desire to put a smile on your face, so they bought Agnes, our beloved VW  Campervan. She is converted to cook pizza using an imported Italian oven, beauty!

However, the boys were none too sure about this capitalist malarkey, so decided to make a promise from the start to support and donate to a local charity with a percentage of their profits each year. 

They are passionate about pizza, we know you are too, meet you outside for some!